One of the many challenges in life is taking care of our mental health and well being which is often overlooked in the farming community. It is well known that farming is a higher risk occupation for experiencing mental health problems and we want to send out a positive message of hope and encouragement, that it’s ok to be not ok and help is at hand.
The ‘mind your head’ campaign which has recently been launched by the Farm Safety Foundation is encouraging farmers and their families not to neglect their physical and mental health.
Our message to help raise awareness of mental health issues is through the beautiful lyrics in the song – ‘Carry You Home’. Our hope is that this will encourage people to reach out and ask for help. Although our aim is predominantly to raise awareness in the farming community, the message in the song is for everyone who struggles with mental health issues.
The song and video was released on Thursday 19th July 2018.

‘Carry You Home’ Farmers & Farmers Wives Choir single is available for download on itunes, spotify and amazon. Proceeds from this single will go to Farm Safety Foundation.

Links to press releases following the launch:

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Many thanks to the amazing team effort!!!!
Doug Carroll has done a superb job in recording our song.
He also played in the band for this track on guitar, along with Chris Henry on drums and Robert Menzies on piano.
We could not have done without George Stark. He took video clips and photos of us at rehearsals and at the Royal Highland Show on 23rd June 2018 and helped us put together our message.